E-Learning Overview

  • Union County Public Schools E-Learning Program is comprised of four online learning components; Union County Virtual (UCVirtual), Apex Learning, North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) and Career and College Promise. These four learning platforms allow over 3,500 UCPS students to take advantage of a wide variety of educational opportunities that expand on what their district home school can provide.

    UCVirtual is our in-house blended learning program built by UCPS teachers. Students are able to take a variety of courses in our online learning platform, Canvas. Apex Learning is an online credit recovery program. This option allows students to earn a credit for a course they have previously failed. NCVPS is an online learning program offered by the state of North Carolina. This program allows students to take a variety of courses that are not available from UCVirtual. Career and College Promise is a state-funded program that allows UCPS students to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school. Our local partner, South Piedmont Community College, provides both online and face-to-face courses for students that qualify.

    Why are UCVirtual courses a great option for UCPS students?

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