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    UCVirtual Celebrates 10 Years of Serving Students 

    August 2022 will mark a decade of offering UCVirtual, a blended learning program, to Union County Public Schools (UCPS) students. UCVirtual mixes online and face-to-face instruction to give students more flexibility, independence and course options. What began with one online course has expanded to almost 40.

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    April 18, 2019 - Home Base Bulletin (How to Create a Blended Learning Experience Using Canvas)

    By Christy Barham, Canvas Customer Success Manager

    Union County Public Schools has a unique model for virtual learning. Union County Virtual, its blended learning program, was launched in 2013. That year the district first introduced elective courses, such as Psychology-Sociology, and ACT Prep. UCPS now offers 54 blended courses including elective, core, and Occupational Course of Study offerings.

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    Marvin Ridge Leadership Students Help Local Teen Give Back!

    By Alicia Swackhamer, E-Learning Development and Support Facilitator

    Union County Virtual Leadership Exploration students had the opportunity to meet local teen Katie Greene and help her organization provide toys to hospitalized children during the holidays.

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    Allison Sweeney Nominated for iNACOL Teacher of the Year

    By Garrett Williams, E-Learning Program and Development Coordinator

    Union County Virtual was proud to nominate Mrs. Allison Sweeney for the Teacher of the Year with the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL). Mrs. Sweeney is hard working and innovative. She is constantly reflecting on her teaching practices and working to help her students be as successful as possible!

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    UCVirtual Students Off To A Great Start!

    By Alicia Swackhamer, E-Learning Development and Support Facilitator

    Monday, August 28th was the first day back to school for Union County Virtual students. Excited students were greeted in their school based E-Learning labs by equally enthusiastic UCVirtual teachers and lab facilitators.

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    UCVirtual Announces Student of the Year!

    By Alicia Swackhamer, E-Learning Development and Support Facilitator

    Union County Virtual was honored to award Shane Stout as our inaugural “UCVirtual Student of the Year.” Shane, a graduating Sun Valley High student, was presented with this award at Sun Valley’s Senior Awards Night on May 17, 2017. He was presented a framed certificate and #VirtuallyAwesome t-shirt from Brenda Drye, E-Learning Administrator for Union County Public Schools.

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    UCVirtual Announces #VirtuallyAwesome Student Recognition Program

    By Alicia Swackhamer, E-Learning Development and Support Facilitator

    UCVirtual is the blended learning program offered to students by Union County Public Schools. In an effort to recognize the outstanding progress and success of our virtual students, we will be awarding students at the end of each grading mark that have been nominated for being “Virtually Awesome!” Students are nominated by their teachers for demonstrating high standards in both academics and character. At the end of the school year we will honor one student as the UCVirtual Student of the Year.

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    Union County Schools Enhances Virtual Learning Program to Keep Up with High Demand

    By Lista Pappas for Time Warner Cable News (4/21/2016)

    Virtual classes have been available in North Carolina for a while now, but Union County schools is taking its digital lessons to a new level.

    The district is becoming a model for schools across the country for its blended learning approach, combining both online and in-person instruction . . .

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    Success of UC Virtual Linked to One-on-One Time with Teachers

    By Deb Bledsoe for UCPS Communications Department (4/20/2016)

    UC Virtual, Union County Public Schools’ online learning program, has just completed its largest enrollment since it began in 2013.

    The program, with seven full-time teachers and three adjuncts, currently offers 35 courses, which includes everything from honors and advanced placement courses, to Spanish and art appreciation.

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