ESL Staff

  • Gustavo Arévalo, Latino Outreach Coordinator
    (704) 704-226-5124
    Caridad Blanco, ESL Engagement Coordinator
    (704) 289-5460 Ext. 2265
    Iryna Bychak, ESL Family Liaison (Russian)
    (704) 289-5460
    Alex Lago, Lead EL Counselor
    (704) 238-1190 Ext. 2225
    Jennifer Lazcano, ESL Program Specialist
    (704) 238-1190 EXT. 2224
    Ana Maria Mateus, ESL Parent Engagement Coordinator
    (704) 289-5460 Ext. 2221 
    Jason Newburger, ESL Program Specialist
    (704) 238-1190 Ext. 2217
    Al Roldan, ESL Case Manager
    (704) 289-5460 Ext: 2223
    Jaime Tejada, Coordinator-ESL-Lead
    (704) 238-1190 Ext. 2218
    Marisol Uribe, ESL Family Liaison (Spanish)
    (704) 289-5460 Ext. 2215
    Martha Villafuerte, ESL Translator
    (704) 238-1190 Ext. 2219

    ESL Academic Support Center

    All those who speak a language other than English and are new to UCPS should be directed to the ESL Academic Support Center. The ESL Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and is located at the Walter Bickett Education Center. Directions to the ESL Center (in English and Spanish) and a map providing directions from each school are available in each school’s office so that they can be shared with families.

    The ESL Center provides assistance with registration, information about schools, and language proficiency assessment. Proficiency in language skills will determine eligibility for the UCPS English as a Second Language Program.

    Information and materials are available for teachers and parents to check out. These materials may be checked out through the Parent Engagement Coordinator.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call the center at 704-289-5460 or 704-238-1190. 

    ESL Map