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    Admission Guidelines

    Union County Public Schools holds a lottery each year to determine enrollment for kindergarten Dual Language Immersion classes. Students wishing to enroll after kindergarten should follow the late entry procedures listed below. There is no lottery for students other than rising kindergarteners.

    The following preferences apply for rising kindergarteners entering the lottery each spring:

    According to policy 4-13, a rising kindergarten student will be allowed to transfer into the dual language program at the school where his/her older sibling is currently enrolled in a dual language class. The rising kindergarten student must enroll and remain in the dual language program to be eligible under this option.

    First preference is given to rising kindergarteners in the host school’s attendance zone. Transportation is only available to students in the attendance zone.

    Second preference will be given to other interested rising kindergarteners within the host school’s cluster. If the class does not reach capacity after the initial registration period for the host school’s attendance zone, any remaining spots will be determined with a random lottery. 

    Third preference will be given to other interested students residing anywhere in UCPS who have an approved transfer from the UCPS Central Office. A random lottery will be conducted to assign all seats remaining after the second preference seats have been filled.

    Waiting Lists - If the number of student applicants exceeds the space availability in the program, students will be placed on a waiting list. The order on the waiting list order is determined by random drawing and based on the preferences listed above. Students on the waitlist can only enter the program in kindergarten if space becomes available.

    Late Entry

    Those wishing to apply after the Kindergarten registration period should contact the Director of College Readiness. Given the rising expectations of grade level success in the target language, it is rare for students to be accepted into the program after fall of kindergarten.