Peachjar Digital Flyers

  • Union County Public Schools works with community organizations and groups to provide information about educational and enrichment activities for students. All flyers are being distributed electronically via Peachjar. By using this digital format, UCPS will better serve its families through innovative technology, expand efforts to be more environmentally friendly and perhaps, offer an option to community groups that saves time and money.

    All external flyers will be distributed through Peachjar. Paper flyers from community groups will no longer be distributed. *Schools may continue to provide parent letters and other pertinent information in paper form.

    Flyer Distribution Process 

    The following organizations are permitted to distribute information through the flyer distribution process. Note: UCPS may ask for proof of tax-exempt non-profit status before flyers are distributed. Tax-exempt nonprofit entities organized under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c)(3) are eligible to submit flyers for review.

    • Local, state and federal government agencies and departments 
    • Tax-exempt nonprofit entities offering educational, recreational, cultural or character development activities or programs to school-aged children 
    • Commercial or tax-exempt entities that have partnerships with UCPS
    • Institutions of higher education

    Requesting a Flyer

    1. Visit
    2. Register for an account
    3. Upload your flyer

    Once you submit your flyer, the UCPS Communications Department will receive it for review. Approved flyers will be distributed electronically to the desired school(s). 

    Please note: Peachjar charges a fee that is typically less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to schools. Read more about the service fees that may apply to your organization. Contact Peachjar for pricing and discount information. Peachjar Customer Service can be reached at 858-997-2117 or at

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