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      NBCT Recognitions at BOE Meeting

    Recognition of new and renewed National Board Certified Teachers at the Board of Education Meeting 


    This is a picture of new NBCT teachers    This is a picture of renewal NBCT teachers

     Congratulations NBCTs

    Congratulations to the following teachers who earned their National Board Certification in 2018!

    •  ·    Ashleigh Cook, Porter Ridge High
    • ·     Jennifer Elliott, Rock Rest Elementary 
    • ·     Laura Gardner, Piedmont High
    • ·     Elizabeth Higginbotham, Piedmont High
    • ·     Robert Howard, Porter Ridge High
    • ·     Kimberly Jarzombek, Union Elementary
    • ·     Ebony Johnson, Weddington Middle
    • ·     Cheryl Konopka, Rocky River Elementary
    •       Felicia Moore, Kensington Elementary
    •       Jaquelyn Saya, Stallings Elementary
    •       Heather Schreiber, Piedmont High
    •       Diana Selzer, Sardis Elementary
    • ·     Amanda Starnes, Piedmont High 

    Congratulations to the following teachers who renewed their National Board Certification in 2018!    

    • ·     Karen Barbee, Piedmont Middle
    • ·     Tiffany Brown, Western Union Elementary
    • ·     Beverly Carney, Sun Valley High
    • ·     Marie Coggin, Piedmont High
    • ·     Laura Fountain, Rea View Elementary
    • ·     Kyra Gunn, Unionville Elementary
    • ·     Kary Harris, Cuthbertson High
    • ·     Kevin Helms, Piedmont High
    • ·     Ellen Leroy, Wolfe School
    • ·     Mary Livesey, Shiloh Elementary
    • ·     Jodi Marsden, Cuthbertson High
    • ·     Aaron Mayes, Cuthbertson High
    •       Catherine McCloskey, Weddington High
    • ·     Stephanie McLeod, Kensington Elementary
    • ·     Christine Miller, Rea View Elementary
    • ·     Caroline Orlandi, Rea View Elementary
    • ·     Deanne Petit Cochran, Sardis Elementary
    • ·     Tracy Reed, Weddington High
    • ·     Kristin Reyes, Stallings Elementary
    • ·     Andrew Rosene, Cuthbertson High
    • ·     Jeremy Ryder, Waxhaw Elementary
    • ·     Christina Schelb, Marvin Ridge Middle
    • ·     Emily Selvidio, Fairview Elementary
    • ·     Angela Starnes Medlin, Piedmont High
    • ·     Julie Van Olden, Marvin Ridge High
    • ·     Rhonda Williams, Cuthbertson Middle

    National Board Certification is not just a personal and professional achievement, it can be the beginning of new leadership opportunities.

    Through the UCPS Human Resources National Board Support Program, candidates receive opportunities to attend monthly support sessions with access to National Board Certified Teachers serving as mentors and coaches.

     NBCT Coaching

    Mrs. Anita Melton Gross, District NBCT Coordinator 


    Coming Soon...2019-2020 Monthly NBCT Support Meetings Schedule (TBA): All meetings begin at 4:00 p.m.


    Dr. Lillian G. Rorie, Director of Human Resources Support Services  


     Snapshot of NBCT Archive Gallery

    NBCT Archive Gallery

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    NBCT Archive