National Board Certified Teacher Support

  • National Board Certification is not just a personal and professional achievement, it can be the beginning of new leadership opportunities.

    Through the UCPS Human Resources National Board Support Program, candidates receive a support session each month with access to National Board Certified Teachers serving as mentors and coaches.

    For further questions or more information regarding NBCT, please contact:

    Mrs. Anita Melton Gross 


    National Board- Getting Starting meeting- for new candidates and renewal candidates

    Oct. 31 (Tuesday)  at 4:00 Weddington High School 

    Nov. 3 (Friday) at 4:00 PDC  


           National Board Certification Resources and Information 





    Please see important information concerning updates from UNCW National Board support for the upcoming academic year.  They will be hosting a free informational session for potential candidates on September 28th and their online registration for this event is available now at the following link.


    Sessions for initial candidates:



    Sessions for renewal candidates:


    Free Information session on December 14th  - registration will open by the end of the month on their website



    Sessions for advanced candidates:



    They are moving to online registration for all sessions this year and are hopeful it will go live by August 31st.  All online registration information can be found on their website.


    Please direct any questions to Jenn Knight at knightjh@uncw.eduu  (910) 962-4246) at UNCW.  I urge you to please take advantage of these great opportunities.  Thanks.