Student Support Office

  • The Student Support Office oversees areas that support safety and health-related areas for schools and students; this includes:

    • School Safety and Security
    • Nurses
    • School Social Workers
    • Therapists
    • Student Discipline 
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • Partnerships with Union County 


     Virtual Social and Emotional Learning Resources

     The Student Support Office is dedicated to providing ongoing resources and instructional materials for our students, staff, and parents. You can access instructional materials for students separated by level. Staff can select professional learning opportunities, instructional resources, and self-care materials to utilize as part of their practice. There is a parent section with resources on coping, establishing structures, self-care, and developmentally appropriate materials for children.  Please note you may need to create an account to access certain materials or websites. This link will be updated as new resources and materials become available. Click HERE to access this document. 



Jarrod McCraw
Tracy Strickland