Proposed Parental Involvement Policy

  • Proposed Parental Involvement Policy for Union County Board of Education

  • A. Parental Involvement Plans

  • B. Parent Communication, Participation, and Conferences

  • C. Parental Notification

  • D. Parental Permission Required

  • E. Procedures for Parental Involvement in Student Health

  • F. Parent Requests for Information

  • G. Community Services Available

  • H. Reporting Requirements

Parent’s Guide to Student Achievement (PGSA)

  • Based on Parents’ Bill of Rights - SB 49; Session Law 2023-106

  • How can my child be promoted to the next grade level?

  • What is my child learning at school? How can a parent review these materials?

  • How will a parent learn about my child’s progress in school or with a class?

  • What are the qualifications of my child’s teachers?

  • What are the requirements for school enrollment? What are the immunizations needed or recommended for children?

  • How can a parent help their child learn and make progress?

  • How can a parent help their child develop citizenship, social skills and respect for others?

  • How can a parent strengthen communication with the school/teacher?

  • What services are available for parents and their children?

  • What are opportunities for parents to participate with school?

  • What are the rigorous academic programs available to my child? How can I learn more about them?

  • What school choices are available for my child?

  • What rights do students with disabilities have based on the law?

  • What is the contact information for the schools and district office?

  • What are some resources to support my child’s health and wellbeing? What immunizations are required and when should they be scheduled?

Parents' Bill of Rights

  • The Union County Board of Education recognizes the value of family engagement in a child’s academic success and believes that the education of children is an ongoing cooperative partnership between the home and the school. Parents and other family members are their children’s first teachers; therefore, the continued involvement of parents and family members in the educational process is most important in fostering and improving educational achievement. 

    The North Carolina General Assembly recently passed Senate Bill 49—Parents Bill of Rights. This act was voted on to enumerate the rights of parents to direct the upbringing, education, healthcare, and mental health of minor children.

    As more information and guidance about the Parents’ Bill of Rights is made available from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, we will post it on this page.


  • NC Parents' Bill of Rights

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