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About Our Department

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why has my child been de-assigned from the bus?

  • How do I process a bus stop change?

  • What time should my child be at their designated stop each morning?

  • Will the driver leave the stop if my child is not waiting at the assigned stop location?

  • What should I do if my child is waiting at the assigned stop on time and still misses the bus in the morning?

  • Why does the bus schedule fluctuate from the original published time at the beginning of the school year?

  • What are the guidelines for alternative stops?

Bus Evacuation Training

  • Twice a year, at the beginning of each semester, students should be trained to Evacuate a Bus. Although it very rarely happens, we want all students to have the knowledge of what to do if they are on a bus that needs to evacuate; whether it is a yellow bus or an activity bus. Please take the time to go over this with your student(s).

Contact Us

    • 3319 Goldmine Road
      Monroe, NC 28110
    • Phone: 704-296-3015
    • Fax: 704-226-1895
    • Brian Joyner, Director of Transportation
    • Randal Watts, Assistant Director of Transportation


We are hiring!

    • $17.85 per hour for fully licensed drivers
    • Paid training for Driver Trainees
    • Apply Now!