UCVirtual #VirtuallyAwesome Student of Summer Enrichment (9/11/17)

#VirtuallyAwesome Matt Tucker Union County Virtual is proud to celebrate our student’s academic success!  We would like to recognize Matt Tucker from CATA for being a #VirtuallyAwesome student of summer session!  This summer we had almost 500 students taking classes to get ahead in their educational careers.

Pictured above is Cata’s Lab Facilitator Kim Inuwa and student Matt Tucker.  


Matt took Math III taught by Dr. Tamara Wade this summer.  “Matt has been one of my strongest students this summer, achieving perfect scores on the exam and in the course,” as stated by Wade.  “Matt has been able to succeed academically while prioritizing his family - this makes him extraordinary!”  There was no hesitation for Dr. Wade when it came to nominating a student for this award.


UCVirtual is proud to award Matt the #VirtuallyAwesome award for Summer Session!  Tucker was presented this honor in the Learning Lab at Cata in front of his peers.  He received a certificate and a #VirtuallyAwesome t-shirt from UCVirtual.  We are always excited to recognize our outstanding students and Matt Tucker is definitely one of them!


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