UCVirtual Students of the Six Weeks T4, April 2023

UCVirtual is excited to recognize our first #VirtuallyAwesome Students of the Six Weeks for spring semester. We are pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of Carlos Martinez and Nikolas Turner!

Carlos Martinez is currently an 11th grader at Cuthbertson High School. Carlos is taking UCV Success 2.0 that is taught by Mrs. Chevy Coffey. Mrs. Coffey nominated this student for being determined and redirecting all his efforts into being successful in the class. “Carlos and I talked often. He was juggling work and family life, but he put a plan into place to complete the work and he did. I am very impressed and proud of his 360 turn around to be successful in the course,” stated Mrs. Coffey. 

Nikolas Turner is a graduating senior at Porter Ridge High School. Nikolas is taking UCV Earth and Environmental Science taught be Mrs. Donna Irvin. “Nikolas has an excellent work ethic but he also takes the assignments a step further by sharing with me his personal connections to the assignments. He often adds a fact or short story of interest to the feedback. This makes his assignments more fun to grade!” stated Mrs. Irvin. 

Carlos and Nikolas both received a #VirtuallyAwesome Certificate and UCVirtual #VirtuallyAwesome t-shirt to recognize them as outstanding students!  We are extremely proud to honor these students and their achievements, they are #VirtuallyAwesome!

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