Behind-The-Wheel Instruction

  • Students become eligible for Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) instruction after completion of the online driver education course, passing the final exam and completion of vision screening.

    • UCPS students will complete BTW instruction at their assigned school. 
    • Charter, homeschool and private school students will complete BTW instruction through Union Academy.

    What is Behind-the-Wheel instruction?

    • 12 hours in length; six as a driver and six as a passenger.
    • There will be two students in the car at all times.
    • Driving experience will progress from the parking lot, to rural roads to city and highway driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my child be called for BTW instruction?

  • When does BTW instruction occur?

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  • Can I do BTW with someone specific?

  • What happens when BTW instruction is completed?

  • Can a student take BTW instruction at a private driving school?