Online Driver Education Course

  • UCPS Driver Education utilizes the Canvas LMS platform for the online course.  Students registered for Driver Education who attend a UCPS school will be automatically enrolled into the course through their student ID number.  Students who attend private, charter, or homeschool will receive an email to the address provided at registration, inviting them to create a profile. It is preferred that the email used to create the account belongs to the student and not a parent/guardian. 

    How the Online Course is Designed

    • The curriculum is divided into eight modules and should take around 30 hours to complete and thoroughly review. 
    • Each module consists of content, videos and assignments.
    • A student must score at least 80 percent on an assignment to progress through the course.
    • The course is self-paced but we do provide a recommended syllabus to ensure completion by the course deadline.
    • Course announcements will remind students of deadlines and necessary paperwork for future Driver Education requirements.

    Course Deadline and Exit Ticket

    Students enrolled in the Driver Education course will have a firm deadline to complete the coursework and an exit-ticket to be eligible for the final exam. If a student fails to complete the coursework and turn in the exit ticket by the deadline, the student will have to wait for the next offering of the final exam. To see the deadlines and exam dates for future classes, see the 2023-24 Online Driver Education Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once the course has opened, whom do I contact if I have problems with the online course modules?

  • I do not attend UCPS and am having trouble creating a Canvas account.

  • If I do not complete the coursework and exit ticket by the deadline, do I have to retake the entire course?