• Below are the official UCPS colors and accent colors that can be used for websites that represent Union County Public Schools. This includes the main UCPS, department, Moodle, BOE, All application and other websites if the possibility exists to be able to customize the colors. Each school website has a separate list of colors.

    Color Hex Code Sample Notes
    Black #000000   All text except as noted below
    White #FFFFFF   Background of content
    Dark Green #567632  
    Pantone = PMS 575
    RGB = 105, 129, 60
    Text on this color must be white
    Light Green #E0F0C1    
    Lighter Green #EBF6D8    
    Dark Gold #DAAC28  
    Pantone = PMS 110
    RGB = 219, 170,  0 
    Text on this color must be white
    Light Gold #FFF2BF    
    Orange #CC6733   All links must be this color.