Employee Email Signature Standards

  • In order to maintain the UCPS Brand and improve communications, it is important that all employees have the same email signature throughout the district. The following signature format should be applied to the bottom of all emails. All users of the UCPS email system must adhere to these standards. Directions for setting up your email signatures can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Email Signature Examples (Do not copy and paste the signatures below!)

    • The font must be Arial and the sizes (14, 12) are noted on the template that you will use.
    • Please read the directions carefully before you try to change your signature.
    • The color of the entire signature may be only this green (RGB 86, 118, 50) or BLACK.

    Central Services Employee

    School Employee

    School Employee - Teacher

    Taylor Jonas
    Instructional Content Facilitator

    Union County Public Schools
    400 N Church St.
    Monroe, NC 28112

    (704) 555-4000 X 9999 (Phone)
    (704) 555-2417 (Fax)
    (704) 555-6868 (Cell)


    Rodney Gillespie
    Springfield Elementary 

    3106 Springfield School Rd.
    Monroe, NC 28110

    (704) 555-2505 (Phone)
    (704) 555-2578 (Fax)
    (704) 555-4329 (Cell)


    Cheryl Andersen 
    Springfield Elementary

    3106 Springfield School Rd.
    Monroe, NC 28110

    (704) 555-2505 (Phone)
    (704) 555-2578 (Fax)
    (704) 555-4329 (Cell)


    The following text should be appended to the bottom of all email signatures. Please do not delete or alter it in any way!

    Note: All email correspondence to and from this address is subject to public review under the NC Public Records Law. 
    As a result all messages may be monitored by and disclosed to third parties.

    In compliance with federal law, UCPS administers all educational programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability.

    To set up your email signature in Outlook, follow the directions here
    Outlook Email Signature Setup

    Please Google how to setup your email signature based on the web browser you are using. Additional questions about your particular browser need to be addressed to the Technology Services department. You will need to create a signature in each one of the following that you use for email.
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft Outlook (Macintosh)
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Safari

    The following is unacceptable in an email signature

    • PLEASE NOTE: The UCPS Logo is not permitted on email signatures.
    • Anyone else’s email address or other personal contact details
    • Content that is religious in nature
    • Content that is political in nature
    • Spam
    • Personal philosophies, phrases and or slogans
    • Links to websites other than UCPS, District Schools or teacher class sites.
    • Changing of alignment, styles, indentions, extra spacing and additional colors
    • Graphics, photos or background imagery from the stationery setup