Exceptional Children's School Social Work

  • EC Social Workers support Union County Public Schools by strengthening the home/school/community partnership and addressing barriers to student learning.

    Direct Services provided to students with disabilities and their families.

    • Assess and address needs of families
    • IEP team participant, meet with parents individually, home visits, phone contacts made to make assessment
    • Referrals made to community agencies, advocate with agency on behalf of student and family, follow-up of services
    • Case management often necessary for students with involved situations, of separate settings (self-contained programs)
    • Liaison for school/family with various community agencies: i.e.-Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions providers (formerly PBH), CAP-C and CAP-Innovations case managers
    • On call for crisis intervention
    • Home visits made with possible purpose of:  encouraging parents involvement/attendance of IEP process, student attendance issues, clarify special education procedures, assess medical and mental health needs/referrals, investigate resources for failed vision/hearing screenings, possible neglect issues (financial needs, clothing needs, hygiene)
    • Transportation provided with use of school owned automobile, As needed basis for  pre-school evaluation team meetings and assessments, medical appointments, agency appointments,  attendance of IEP meetings and teacher conferences
    • Assist parents with outside placements and serve as agency representative.  Provide requested information to parents concerning various residential programs in N.C.
    • Assist families with the process of  legal guardianship for students attaining the age of 18
    • Coordinate collection of Christmas Bureau stockings,  4-H clubs sponsored holiday parties, Operation Arc Angel wish lists and nominations
    • Consultation and Collaboration on behalf of students and families in other responsibilities within the EC department
    • Medicaid Coordinator

    About our Services

    EC social workers help students to:

    • Address their needs that may impact their education
    • Increase academic success
    • Improve attendance
    • Build self-esteem
    • Strengthen interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
    • Improve communication skills

    EC social workers support families to:

    • Participate more fully in their children's education, through parent conferences and school visits
    • Strengthen parenting skills
    • Access school and community resources
    • Develop realistic expectations and ways of caring for their children which are age and developmentally appropriate
    • Seek solutions to barriers that inhibit familial involvement
    • Identify and meet their children's social and emotional needs
    • Assist in providing transportation to medical appointments and IEP meetings
    • Promote trust and understanding to build partnerships among school, home and community
    • Empower parents to access and utilize resources available for their child

    EC social workers assist educators to:

    • Have a better understanding how factors such as family, culture, socioeconomic status, and physical and mental health can affect students' performance
    • Discover new resources
    • Respond to crisis situations
    • Identify and report child abuse, neglect and dependency
    • Obtain community resources to meet the needs of students
    • Work with parents and students effectively