EC Preschool Services

  • Preschool classes are taught by Birth-Kindergarten certified teachers along with 1 or 2 teacher assistants. The Individual Education Program (IEP) teams determine the placement, frequency, and duration of services based on goals designed to meet each child’s unique needs.


    Children enrolled in daycare or preschools within Union County may receive special education services from a Birth-Kindergarten itinerant teacher and related service providers as needed in their early childhood setting. The teacher provides supplemental aids and services in order to support children with disabilities.


    Services can be provided in the home as determined to be appropriate by the IEP team.  In addition, children who are medically fragile as determined by a physician can be served in the home.

    Speech/Language Therapy Services

    For preschool children who are eligible for the Exceptional Children’s Program under the category of Speech Impaired, speech therapy is provided at three sites:
    • Hemby Bridge Elementary
    • Marvin Elementary
    • Walter Bickett Education Center

    How to Make a Referral for an Evaluation for a Preschool Child

    If you are a parent, physician, or childcare teacher and have concerns about the speech and/or overall development of a preschool-aged child and would like to make a referral for an exceptional children's evaluation, please call Caroline Price at 704-282-6259 ext. 0 or email You will need to provide information on the child's physical, motor, educational, communication, behavioral, and daily living skills in a phone interview. An observation and/or referral meeting will be scheduled shortly after the phone interview.

    If you are a parent of a preschool-aged child with an IEP who has recently moved into Union County, please call Caroline Price at 704-282-6259 ext. 0 to schedule a meeting to determine comparable services and review the IEP. You will need to provide the preschool assessment center with a copy of your child's IEP prior to the meeting.


    Si usted tiene un niño de edad preescolar y tiene preocupaciones sobre su habla/lenguaje o su desarrollo en general y le gustaría hacer una referencia para una evaluación con el Centro de Evaluaciones del Programa de Preescolar de Niños Excepcionales en español, llame a Mercedes Tohala al 704-282-6259 ext. 2., o envié correo electrónico a . Usted tendrá que proporcionar información sobre las habilidades físicas, motoras, educativas, de comunicación, de comportamiento y de la vida diaria a través de una entrevista telefónica. Las reuniones de observación y/o referencia se programarán poco después de la entrevista telefónica.

    Si usted es padre de un niño en edad preescolar que tiene un IEP y se han mudado recientemente al Condado de Unión, por favor llame a Mercedes Tohala al 704-282-6259 ext. 2 si necesita ayuda en español o para programar una reunión para determinar los servicios comparables y la revisión del IEP. Debe proporcionar al Centro de Evaluaciones del Programa de Preescolar de Niños Excepcionales una copia del IEP de su niño antes de la primera reunión.

Referral for an Evaluation

  • How to Make a Referral for an Evaluation for a Preschool Child - English

  • How to Make a Referral for an Evaluation for a Preschool Child - Español

EC Preschool Assessment Process

  • Referral and Assessment Process - English

  • Proceso de Referencia y Evaluación - Español