Special Needs Advisory Council (SNAC)

  • Purpose:

    The Special Needs Advisory Council (SNAC) is organized to ensure that parents, school, staff, and community professionals come together to promote a shared decision-making process to plan and implement educational programs for students with special needs. Special needs students are those who have IEP's or 504 plans, those who are medically fragile, and those who are being considered for eligibility for special education within the Exceptional Children's Programs.

    The Council functions as an advocate for children with disabilities in the school system. The-major focus of the Council is system-wide issues as opposed to individual concerns. Individual concerns should be directed to the Exceptional Children's Programs Office. The purpose of the SNAC is to work collaboratively on the improvement of the quality of education for children with special needs in Union County Public Schools (UCPS).

    Special Needs Advisory Council Activities:

    • Serve as an avenue of public input for the improvement of special education and increase school and community awareness concerning children with special needs and their families.

    • Advocate for effective, coordinated, and comprehensive programs.

    • Provide workshops, learning opportunities, and information to parents and the school community concerning issues and programs for students with special needs.

    • Connect families with community agencies (e.g. mental health, vocational rehabilitation, etc.) and resources.

    • Make recommendations for needed improvements to the school system with regards to EC students and programs.

    • Communicate appreciation and support to those serving children with special needs.

    • The EC Director will present the Council's recommendations concerning issues, policies, and programs to the superintendent as appropriate.


    UCPS Special Needs Advisory Council 2018-2019 Meetings
    will be held on the Second Monday of the following months:

    September 9, 2019

    November 4, 2019

    January 13, 2020

    March 9, 2020

    May 11, 2020

    at 6:30 pm at the Professional Development Center

    CATA Campus

    600 Brewer Drive

    Monroe, NC



                              SNAC Members


    Names  Phone Numbers


    Natasha Chow



    Kristy Privette

    Jackie Terrill





    Alicia Jones

    Laurie Maddex






    Porter Ridge

    Lori Oliver


    Sun Valley

    Libby Conder



    Jessica Stearns


    The Arc

    Melanie Miller




    Dr. Pokie Noland


    Donna Brown


    James Eversole


    Dr. Brad Breedlove


    Linda Little


    Dr. Stephanie McManus


    Hillary Kroboth


    Susan Williams


    Dr. Wendy Gravely