Human Resources Overview

  • The purpose of the Union County Public Schools Human Resources Division is to secure and retain professional knowledgeable employees who are culturally aware and prepared to work for the good of all children.  We will accomplish this mission through conscientious customer service, cooperative networking, and the efficient use of technology.
    The UCPS Human Resources Division is responsible for overseeing the employment decisions for all Union County Public Schools employees, as well as staff development for employees.
    Union County Public Schools provides a valuable benefit to all employees and their immediate family members known as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It also provides beginning teacher support to all newly hired educators. 
    Top Reasons to Work in UCPS
    • Union County is a great place to work and live
    • Excellent employee benefits package
    • Competitive local salary supplements
    • $1,750 additional bonus for teaching in a high priority school
    • $1,700 bonus for teaching in a content area of one of the 6 focus schools
    • $1,000 for strong attendence through epic grant
    • $1,000 bonus for for mentoring beginning teachers through the EPIC Grant
    • $4,000 bonus for achieving high growth the through the epic grant
    • $4,300 bonus for showing growth for the top 25% of the state and or the district through the state performance bonus
    • Comprehensive support program for beginning teachers
    • Excellent instructional program and support staff
    • Fastest growing school district in North Carolina
    • Approximately 35 miles east of Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina
    • Within 200 miles of major beaches and mountains
  • Human Resources Contact Information

    Phone: 704.296.9898 Option 5


    400 N Church St.

    Monroe, N.C. 28112