• The Annual District-Wide Spring Screening Process Has Begun

    The district-wide annual screening process for gifted services considers all students in grades 3-7 by collecting student data to make further recommendations. The process includes a continual collection of student data from the start of the second semester through the end of the school year.

    For this process, the AIG Department collects three basic types of data: aptitude indicators, achievement indicators, and performance indicators. The combination of these three indicators determines one of three outcomes of the screening process for every student:

    1. The student qualifies for gifted services, or
    2. The student is referred for further testing, or
    3. The student is reconsidered during the annual screening process next year.

    Parent notification of the screening process outcomes occurs when a student qualifies for gifted services or the student is referred for further testing. Notification letters go home at the end of the school year.

    Students in grades 4-7, who are already identified as gifted in one area of service (math or reading), will continue their current services without the need for requalification. The annual screening process collects data for other area(s) of service needed.

    High school students can self-nominate for the annual screening process by contacting their high school counselor.

    We have created a few short webinars to address frequently asked questions:

    If there are any questions concerning your child or/and the screening process, contact the school directly and ask to speak to the AIG teacher. If further assistance is needed, contact the AIG Department at 704-296-6308 and speak with the appropriate AIG Coordinator.

    • Ms. Allyson Camp, AIG Elementary Coordinator
    • Dr. Danielle Sullivan, AIG Secondary Coordinator
  •  What is the Purpose of the AIG Program?

    The purpose of the AIG program is to serve the needs of students with high ability and/or aptitude for learning. The program provides differentiated instruction and other curriculum approaches beyond that of the general education classroom.  Services include acceleration options, replacement curriculum options, opportunities for individual interest development, and development of higher-level critical thinking skills focused around depth and complexity of curriculum content. 

    • The program has a variety of service options such as cluster grouping, subject and grade acceleration, and advanced subject grouping of gifted learners.  
    • There are a variety of enrichment opportunities, including academic competitions, field trips, fine arts activities, problem-solving investigations, special interest clubs, and summer enrichment opportunities provided at each school.  
    • The program supports the early identification of potentially gifted learners in grades K-3 in order to provide enrichment opportunities.

    The identification process considers different combinations of multiple criteria, including aptitude indicators, achievement indicators, and student performance indicators.  Students must meet the UCPS School Board approved identification criteria in order to qualify for services.


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